Here are two fun number games to play!

Number Golf: Draw a hole with a flag on a piece of paper. Draw a golf ball on a tee for each player or team (or use pennies for the golf balls). One person selects a Spanish number between uno y veinte. The first player guesses the number in Spanish move (or redraw) the golfball so that it's distance from the hole represents how far the guess was from the number that was chosen. Each player guesses and the golf ball moves back and forth until it drops into the hole with an exact guess. Try for a hole in one!

Unlucky 13: One player begins counting in Spanish. S/he can say one, two or three numbers. When the first person stops, the second person continues counting. This continues until someone says "trece". That person loses!

Some variations: Choose a different "unlucky" number. Count backward instead of forward. The person who says the chosen number wins, instead of loses.

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