Test Page

Below are the audio files with instructions for each section of the breakfast assessment.
General Instructions

Understands Concepts

Listening Comprehension

Speaking (see below, also)

Reading Comprehension


Final Instructions

Record your food comment by using the box, below. You do not need to include your email, but you must include your name. It would also be helpful if you would say, "My name is " and then make your comment in Spanish.
Step one: Click on "Begin". Step two: type your name (not your email). Step 3: Click on the red button and record. Say: "My name is _ and add your Spanish comment. Then press Stop (the square button). Step 4: If you want, you can listen (use the play > button) to your recording. If you are satisified, save it by pressing the green checked button. If not, you can re-record by pressing the red "x" button. Step 5: After you save by pressing the green and white checkmark button, click on the return to home button, so the next student can record.